Handmade Beer Tankard from Indian Buffalo Horn

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  • Your very own personal ticket to Valhalla!

  • 100% handmade of ethically sourced buffalo horns.
  • A really unique drinkware – no two tankards are the same.
  • It takes 114 manual operations to make it right.
  • Choose a normal (~330-350 ml) or big (~450-600 ml) one.
  • Comes in a nice organic jute bag + instructions about taking care of it.
  • Perfect for personal use or as a gift!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Do you want to have a beer tankard that is truly unique? This could be your very own personal ticket to Valhalla!

Near the town of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh state in India our good friend Muneeb has a very interesting business. He found a way to process ethically sourced horns from water buffaloes, 100% handmade. This not only helps reduce waste, but also ensures that you can enjoy your tankard guilt-free.

Muneeb and his colleagues perfectly know that no two buffaloes are the same. Their horns are also unique. And if you take a horn, cut it precisely and polish it well enough, that could make a great drinkware! So this is
what Muneeb and his employees do for a living. It gives a chance for several people to provide for their families. That's why we can have an idea about how the Vikings enjoyed their ale or mead long time ago. Well, not from a Nordic supplier, but this is how the world economics works, right?

In fact it takes a lot of time and hundreds of manual operations (114 to be precise) until a piece of horn becomes a beer tankard. Colors are all natural and depend on the texture of the horn itself. Sizes, weight and thickness also vary because of the nature of the material used. So you can be sure that when you have your handmade beer tankard delivered to you, it will be one of a kind.

We selected the highest quality beer tankards for our customers. Based on their size you can either pour 330-400 ml of beer or 500-600 ml into them. Note, however, that tankard sizes and colors vary. These are 100% natural items!

Each order of this piece of beauty comes in a nice bag made of organic jute plus we email you useful instructions on how to take best care of your unique tankard. This also makes it a great idea for a gift to somebody you want to impress.


When you purchase your tankard from BeerAddicted, it comes with two years of warranty. If it suffers a serious defect in workmanship or materials, without you making obvious efforts to f*ck it up, we shall provide your money back or we will replace it with a new one!

Now hurry up and place your order – we don't have huge quantities in stock!

To Valhalla!

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Big (~500 ml), Normal (~330 ml)

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