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“Wait a minute – an ecommerce website for beer-related products? You gotta be kiddin’!”

We heard that many times while we were working on our website. And we usually replied: “Well, hold my beer…”

So you see the result. BeerAddicted is a virtual space for people who share with us our passion for beer. And we are just starting – expect from us plenty of interesting, unusual, innovative and extraordinary products to enjoy. 

Yes, we love beer – we confess. And we also love to find exciting stuff that makes beer drinking funnier, more comfortable, more relaxing or it just makes beer cooler. 

Check out our limited edition items, for you will hardly find them elsewhere. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and to join our newsletter so we don’t spend too much money remarketing you while we can send you a direct email or publish a nice post that you will certainly like.

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