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You Are a Brewery

As you probably have noticed, we like breweries as well! 

In fact in some countries we are partnering with small local breweries, big international breweries, regional breweries and craft breweries. In fact we have a single passion for beer with all of them. We sell their high-quality branded merchandise, in some countries we offer e-vouchers or we run or support together some really nice events!

So if you are a brewery, just drop us a line and let us know if you want to partner with us somehow. We are very open to any idea worth spreading and we will think together about how to implement it in the best possible way!
We are also working hard on a marketplace-like system where you will be able to sell your beer directly to the customers. Of course, EU policies and tax laws don’t make all this the easiest job on the planet, but once it is done we will let you know. So stay in touch with us – don’t forget to register for our newsletter here!

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