Wall-Mounted Beer Bottle Opener with Catcher

35,99 incl VAT

  • Have your own place for drinking beer at home!
  • Best enjoyed with friends around
  • Tribute to William Painter
  • Elegant catcher to fir the open caps
  • Excellent gift idea!

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Want to designate a place for drinking at home or in the garden? Hang this hardwood bottle opener and cap catcher in your man cave or she-shed. Collect all the beer bottle caps and use them afterwards for our super special International Beer Caps Challenge!

When you pull out a hilarious bottle opener, you get a great reaction from your guests. And when you pull out the BeerAddicted bottle opener, you will never be caught at a BBQ, party or get together with the bottle top stuck on.

Do you know who William Painter was?

Back in 19th century he patented 85 inventions, including the common bottle cap, a machine for crowning bottles, a paper-folding machine, a safety ejection seat for passenger trains, and also a machine for detecting counterfeit currency. But his masterpiece invention will remain the bottle opener. Here's the link to the patent.

Even William Painter will be jealous if he sees our brilliant wall-mounted bottle opener. Because he invented a tool to remove the caps from bottles, but we added to it an elegant catcher. 

Now there's nothing else left for you but to place an order for this perfect gift – either for yourself or for a friend of you! And when you open your first beer with it, send us a picture to celebrate together!