Topless Beer Can Opener

15,59 incl VAT

  • Puts end on misfortunes with beer cans!
  • Converts the can into a nice cup
  • Perfectly fits standard can tops and removes the lid
  • Easy to operate with
  • Includes also a bottle opener!

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There are people who prefer drinking their beer directly from the can.

There are also people who get a chilly feeling on their back only if they imagine this barbaric act of self-exposure to all kinds of nasty germs just waiting for you to come closer… 

There are also people who suffer from the bad luck of pulling the beer can ring too harshly and ending up with a can with cold, fresh beer that they just cannot open, for God's sake!

If you are one of these people, keep calm. We will put an end of all your misfortunes with our convenient and precise can opener. It will convert your beer can into a nice cup, getting rid of the lid.  

The name “topless” also reminds us about some other nice things that we prefer to see topless during the hot summer months on the beach. You perfectly know what we mean, don't you?

To open a can with this piece of art is quite easy, by the way. Just place the opener on the top of the can (it will fit if the diameter of the can is standard, so 66,3 mm to be precise). Give it some twist and gently remove the cut upper lid of the can so you can enjoy your beer. It's THAT easy!

If you have kids, the can opener could be used on fresh drink cans as well – and it will make a great cup for pens or pencils on the desk.

And if you still don't like the can, you know that this opener would also pair nicely with our ultimate can crusher.

Now we are ready to accept your order – but hurry up, since we don't have huge quantities in stock, while the demand is quite high! So come on, place your order now!

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