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Terms and conditions

a.k.a. “The Legal Stuff”

of Subscription Box Ltd.
for the Website


I. Definitions.

II. Subject Matter of General Terms and Conditions.

III. Applicable Field. Consent with the General Terms and Conditions.

IV. User Name and Password. User Account.

V. Services and Terms and Conditions of Use.

VI. Personal Data Protection.

VII. Purchase of Goods. Shipment. Returning Purchased Goods.

VIII. User’s Rights and Obligations.

IX. Rights and Obligations of Subscription Box Ltd.

Х. Intellectual Property.

ХI. Liability. Disclaimer.

ХII. Contract Termination and Breaking.

ХIII. Miscellaneous.


When we use any terms and expressions in these General Terms and Conditions, in their interpretation and application we mean the following:

1. Subscription Box Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “BeerAddicted”, is a business company entered into the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under No. 204684672, whose registered address is at 49, Lomsko Shosse Blvd., floor 2, ap. 4, 1220 Sofia, tel. +359899898595, e-mail:, carrying out sales of goods, subject to these General Terms and Conditions through signing distance contracts via the website, as administered by the Company.

2. „Website/Site“ – is an isolated space within the World Wide Web accessible through own Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of protocol HTTP, HTTPS or another standardized protocol and containing files, software, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.

3. Website is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common name of a domain and is published at least on one server.

4. IP Address (“IP Address”) is a unique identification number associating user’s computer, website or resource in such a manner that allows its localization within the World Wide Web.

5. “Server” is a device or a system of connected devices with system software installed on it or on any of them to fulfill tasks with respect to storage, processing, receiving or transfer of information.

6. “Electronic Store” is a component of the website, with the main purpose to sell food supplements and goods designed for active sportspersons through signing distance contracts.

7. “User” is each major individual or legal entity registered or not registered in the e-store and uses the functionalities provided by the website:, through which the user certifies their consent with approval of these General Terms and Conditions.

8. “User Account” is an individual part of a site containing information about the User, provided by the latter during their registration and stored by, and the user account is accessible by entering a username and password. The User Account allows the User to review and edit the data entered during such registration, to change their access password, to unsubscribe from receiving a newsletter, etc.

9. „Username“ is a unique code of letters and/or digits through which the user is identified in the site

10. „Password“ is a unique code chosen by the User, a set of letters and/or digits, which, together with the username, identifies the latter and provides them with the opportunity to place valid orders for purchase of the goods offered on

11. „Goods“ are all articles offered via the electronic store, individualized by a detailed description and/or a color image and have a fixed price.

12. „Sales Price“ is the final price for a piece or certain quantity of goods or service, including the value added tax and all further taxes and fees.

13. “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”); an identifiable natural person is a person, who may be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by an identifier such as name, identification number, location data, online identifier or one or more features specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, intellectual, economic, cultural or social identity of that individual. In the context of these General Terms and Conditions, personal data are up-to-date data of the User, provided when filling in the registration form or when placing an order without registration and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

14. „Newsletter“ is a periodically distributed publication about new products, promotions that may be of the subscriber’s interest.

15. “Commercial Communication” means any form of communication intended to promote, directly or indirectly, the goods, services or reputation of an enterprise, organization or person engaged in a commercial, industrial or craft activity or practicing a regulated profession. Information that allows direct access to the activities of an enterprise, organization, or person, such as a domain or e-mail address, as well as information that is collected in an independent manner, is not considered a commercial communication.

16. “Accidence” is an unforeseen circumstance of an extraordinary nature at the time of concluding the contract, which makes its performance objectively impossible.


2.1. Through the website Subscription Box Ltd. provides the user in “on-line” mode with a set of resources and services determined by Subscription Box Ltd. in advance and displayed on the website as accessible in the respective mode of use and fulfillment by the user of the requirements set forth in these General Terms and Conditions.

2.2. Sales of goods and provision of services are carried out to all consumers without the need for prior registration. These are, but without limitation to: access to and use of the information resources available on the website, viewing photos, videos, user comments, content of goods and other.

2.3. The use of some of the services is possible only after a preliminary registration, creation of a user account, and entering the username and password. These are, but without limitation to: a reference to the data entered by the users, used for them to be individualized, a list of the orders placed by them and reserved addresses for deliveries, which can be additionally defined as such.

2.4. The services provided by Subscription Box Ltd. may be supplemented and modified with a view of their improvement and extension at any time by Subscription Box Ltd.


3.1. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply in the relationships with the users registered on the website (the „Registered Users”). These General Terms and Conditions shall also apply respectfully in the relationships who are not registered on the website (the „Unregistered Users”), whose rights shall be limited to using the services as referred to in Paragraph 2.2.

3.2. The text of these General Terms and Conditions shall be available online at in such a manner that allows their storage and reproduction.

3.3. To be able to use the services under Paragraph 2.3. of these General Terms and Conditions, the user must register in advance by filling in the respective e-form for registration accessible online at

3.3.1. In the process of registration, by ticking in the field “I have read and agree with the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale of Subscription Box Ltd.” and clicking on the virtual button “Continue”, and in case of purchase of goods for which registration is not required, by ticking in the field “I have read and agree with the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale of Subscription Box Ltd.” and clicking on the virtual button “Continue”, the user makes an explicit electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, declaring that they are aware of these General Terms and Conditions, they accept them and agree with them and are obliged to comply with them.

3.3.2. In case of failure to provide the required data in the registration form, Subscription Box Ltd. shall be entitled to reject registration.

3.3.3. In case of providing false data or failure to reflect any changes in due time, Subscription Box Ltd. shall be entitled to terminate or stop immediately and without notice provision of services, and maintenance of their registration. In this case, termination of service provision shall be considered as an automatic contract termination.

3.4. In case of a dispute as to which person has declared their will to bound with the text of these General Terms and Conditions, as a party there shall be considered the person who has paid the price for the respective delivery.


4.1. When registering, the user provides a username and password. If the username does not exist, the user shall receive the username and password that they requested. Subscription Box Ltd. does not verify and is not responsible for the coincidence of the username with the user’s name, whether it affects the rights of third parties, and in particular, the right to a name or other personal rights, the right to a trade name (company), the right to a trademark or other intellectual property rights.

4.2. After entering a username, password, e-mail address and other necessary data of the registration form, the User will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address specified by them, from which they should confirm the registration by clicking on the hyperlink contained in the e-mail.

4.3. User shall be individualized through the information completed in the order form when using the services under Paragraph 2.2 and by their user account when using the Services under Paragraph 2.3.

4.4. The user shall not disclose the password to third parties and shall immediately notify Subscription Box Ltd. in case of unauthorized access, as well as in the probability for such access. The user shall take all due care and necessary measures that are reasonably required in order to protect their password and shall be fully responsible for all actions performed by them or by a third party through their use.

4.5. In case of lost (forgotten) password and an explicit request by the User stated through the implemented functionality of the website Subscription Box Ltd. will send an e-mail message containing the registered username and form for entering a new password to the respective user name.


5.1. The services provided by Subscription Box Ltd. through the website are related to the realization of a sale of products or services according to the goods and services updated on the website

5.2. The user can place an order by making the following steps:

5.2.1. determine the type and quantity of the ordered goods and click on the visible button “add to cart” placed next to the respective goods and add goods in the section “your shopping cart”;

5.2.2. visit the section “your shopping cart”, where the user can enter a discount code and click on the button “proceed to checkout”

5.2.3. fill in the data necessary for the buyer’s identification and completion of the delivery, including the method of delivery.

5.2.4. by clicking on the button “next step”, the user selects the method of payment and enters the respective required data.

5.2.5. review and confirm the order.

5.3. Once Subscription Box Ltd. has accepted an order from the user, it will conclude an individual contract for the delivery of the goods ordered by the user. This contract shall be concluded in English or another language according to the user interface on the site selected by the User.

5.4. Deliveries shall be performed by authorized partners of Subscription Box Ltd.

5.5. Delivery shall be made to an accurate delivery address (including some or all of the following elements: country, city, residential quarter, region, street, number, block, entrance, floor, apartment), as stated by the user, accompanied by an accurate phone number given for feedback.

5.6. The order, subject to delivery, shall be transported and delivered properly packaged and under the terms and conditions in compliance with these specifically chosen by the user in the realization of the given order.

5.7. Prices of goods, their packaging, delivery costs and methods of payment that the user may select by using the services, subject to these General Terms and Conditions are stated in the respective pages of the website

5.8. All prices displayed on the pages of the website include value added tax in accordance to the country of the user.


7.1. Subscription Box Ltd. has the right to collect and use information about its users when they register as “Registered Users”, as well as in case when using the services under Paragraph 2.2. as “Unregistered Users”. The information through which the user can be identified includes name, surname, address, telephone number, contact e-mail address, as well as any other information that the customer voluntarily provides during registration. The information includes any other data that the user enters, uses or provides when ordering, receiving or using goods and services through the website

7.2. Subscription Box Ltd. takes due care and is responsible for protection of the information about the client, which became known to them in connection with the provision of services, subject to these General Terms and Conditions, as a Data Controller, except in cases of force majeure, accident, or malicious actions of third parties.

7.3. In the registration form completed by the user when registering or using services under Paragraph 2.2., Subscription Box Ltd. shall place a link to the Privacy Policy, that users must become familiar with before providing their personal data, nature of provided data, and the consequences of the refusal to provide such. To become familiar with the Privacy Policy by users is a condition for any subsequent use of the website and use of the services provided through it. By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the user agrees that the information about them be processed in accordance with the provisions set forth therein and in the Privacy Policy.

7.4. The restrictions under Paragraph 6.2. shall not apply in the event that the user or persons under their control have committed malicious acts within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions or have violated the rights or legitimate interests of third parties. In this case, Subscription Box Ltd. shall be entitled to provide personal information about the client to the relevant competent government authorities in accordance with applicable law.


8.1. User shall be entitled to order goods presented by after getting registered or as a “Guest” user.

8.2. By placing an order, the user will enter into contractual relationships with Subscription Box Ltd. concerning the specific purchase.

8.3. User shall be entitled to choose goods and their quantity, method of delivery and terms of payment subject to the terms of delivery of the courier partners of Subscription Box Ltd.

8.4. User must pay the price as stated by Subscription Box Ltd. on the website during the placement of the order, as well as any additional costs for goods delivery.

8.5. In case of any technical mistakes made in the publication on, Subscription Box Ltd. shall be entitled to refuse to fulfill the order and will not owe any compensation in any way to the User, except refunding the amounts paid and/or deposited by the user, if any.

8.6. The displayed prices for the separate goods are unit prices per piece.

8.7. The cost for delivery (courier service), and any other costs related to the goods’ delivery shall be at the expense of the user, unless other conditions are explicitly stated.

8.8. The present prices, commercial terms and conditions and promotions shall only be valid for the purchase of goods through the online store at

8.9. Subscription Box Ltd. shall reserve its right to change the prices of the offered goods on without owing any prior notice to the users.

8.10. On its website at Subscription Box Ltd. may offer one or more of the following payment options for the ordered goods:

–    Payment through the system of the payment agent for card payments – maintaining payments by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Visa Electron, Discover network, Diners club, Maestro, JCB, PayPal, Paysera etc.

– Payment via bank transfer.

– Payment via cash on delivery (COD).

8.11. Ordered goods shall be delivered packaged and accompanied with a money transfer acceptance receipt or invoice (if requested by the user in advance) to their specified address in the delivery order form.

8.12. User must review the goods for any outer damages or shortages in the presence of the courier.

8.13. By signing the waybill, the user certifies the receipt of the goods and their quantitative and outer compliance with the order. In case of refusal to accept the delivery, the user shall owe all costs of the delivery, which include the price for courier services and packaging for the purposes of delivery, as well as the cost of returning the delivered goods.

8.14. Ordered goods shall be delivered using the delivery method chosen by the User when placing the order. In order to guarantee the delivery time and security of the service, Subscription Box Ltd. offers delivery of the ordered goods only through trusted courier companies.

8.15. The order will be delivered within a period chosen by the user when placing such, according to the technical capacity of the courier company, to the delivery address specified by the user. Deliveries are performed on business days only. Orders placed on Saturdays or Sundays are processed on Mondays, from which day the delivery period will commence. Subscription Box Ltd. shall reserve its right to extend these deadlines up to 3 days without notifying the user in advance, and to extend the deadlines by more than 10 days upon the prior approval of the user.

8.16. Costs for the courier service shall be paid by the user.   

8.17. Deliveries are carried out in the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece. Other countries can be added over time based on the capacity of the courier partners of Subscription Box Ltd.

8.18. In case of issues arising with the delivery (delay more than the confirmed date of sending or re-sending by courier), the user shall be entitled to cancel their order if it is not delivered within 10 working days after the date set for delivery.

8.19. In the event that Subscription Box Ltd. is unable to fulfill the User’s order due to lack of ordered goods, it undertakes to notify the User and refund the sums paid by them within 14 days as of the date on which Subscription Box Ltd. should have fulfilled its duty to deliver the ordered goods.

8.20. When it is required the goods to be sent again by courier for reasons falling within the liability of the User, any extra costs for the delivery shall be covered by the User.

8.21. User shall be entitled to return the accepted and paid goods to the Seller within 20 days as of the goods delivery.

To ensure users’ safety and health, goods are subject to return under the following conditions:

1. Goods must be in undamaged packaging (not unpacked);

2. Goods must be in the condition as sent to the client without any traces of use outside, accompanied with their pertaining documentation and packaging.

If these conditions for returning the goods have been fulfilled, the goods purchased from Subscription Box Ltd. are subject to return to Subscription Box Ltd.

Once received the returned purchased goods, the Seller shall review the goods to check if the conditions for returning have been fulfilled and shall notify the user if they are approved.

Any amounts paid shall be refunded via bank transfer within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods back being in the possession of Subscription Box Ltd., to a bank account, BIC code, account holder and bank specified by the user. The costs of returning the purchased and approved goods shall be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

8.22. User shall be entitled to refuse one or more of the ordered goods within 3 days after generating the order unless the goods have been given to a courier for delivery for this period of time.

8.23. In the event that within 3 days from generation of the order the goods have not been given to a courier and the user refuses partially or completely the purchased goods, Subscription Box Ltd. undertakes to refund partially or fully the deposited amount. In case the user does not refuse the purchased goods or services, Subscription Box Ltd. automatically accepts the order as up-to-date.

8.24. If a defective product is found within a reasonable time of receipt, which due to some reasons related to the user’s hygiene or health protection cannot be returned, the Seller undertakes to replace them with new ones, to offer a corresponding credit to be used in the website, or to refund the amount deposited for the goods, as of the date on which the user exercised their right of refusal. Transport and other costs of receiving and returning the goods shall be at the expense of Subscription Box Ltd. In case of non-compliance of the goods with the main characteristics specified in the online store, Subscription Box Ltd. shall refund the amount deposited for the goods by the user, including transport costs charged for the goods’ delivery within 14 days of their receipt.


9.1. User shall be entitled to have “online” access to the services provided by the website in compliance with the access terms and requirements as determined by Subscription Box Ltd. through these General Terms and Conditions.

9.2. User’s right to access shall not include the right to copy or reproduce information and to use objects of intellectual property, whether Subscription Box Ltd. or a third party is the holder of such rights.

9.3. User must accept and pay the delivered goods in compliance with the terms and requirements of access, determined by Subscription Box Ltd. with these General Terms and Conditions.

9.4. User shall be entitled to unsubscribe from receiving commercial messages and for this purpose they must notify Subscription Box Ltd. at


10.1. Subscription Box Ltd. undertakes to take due care for providing users with normal use of the Services. Subscription Box Ltd. shall provide its users with nonstop access to the online store to review the contents and process purchase orders every business day within the fixed working hours 9 AM – 5 PM.

10.2. Subscription Box Ltd. shall be entitled to send commercial messages to users with their explicit consent or based on the legitimate interest of the Seller, in order to offer information and advertisements about its goods and/or services, to make inquiries on various issues, conduct surveys, etc.

10.3. Subscription Box Ltd. may place electronic links to other Internet sites and resources and advertising banners for the sale of goods and provision of services by third parties, including electronic links and advertising banners pointing to websites outside the control of Subscription Box Ltd.

10.4. Subscription Box Ltd. has the right to disable the password for access to the user account without notice in case the user, in the opinion of Subscription Box Ltd., violates these General Terms and Conditions. In these cases, Subscription Box Ltd. shall be entitled to terminate user’s registration, to suspend the User’s providing of the Services under Paragraph 2.3.

10.5. Subscription Box Ltd. shall reserve its right, temporarily or permanently, to suspend the provision of specific Services, accessible through the website, notifying the user by posting a message on the website.

10.6. Subscription Box Ltd. shall be entitled to change the prices at its own discretion at any time without owing any prior notice to the users.

10.7. All goods offered and sold by Subscription Box Ltd. on have a guarantee for quality and origin. The main characteristics and content of the individual goods are displayed separately for each article on the website.

10.8. Subscription Box Ltd. shall be entitled to temporarily block (in whole or in part) users’ access to the website for up to 48 hours for the purposes of monthly maintenance, service quality improvements, extensions, innovations and other changes to the system. Users will be notified in advance of the exact schedule of the temporary blocking of their access to the system by posting messages in a prominent place on the website.

10.9. Subscription Box Ltd. shall not be liable for:

10.9.1. The quality of online services in case of traffic disturbances for reasons attributable to the internet provider or the companies providing online services in relation to payments through the online store.

10.9.2. The service quality when using technical devices out of order and/or incorrectly configured software by the user, and for reasons attributable to the client’s internet provider.

10.9.3. Damages caused by inaccurate, unreliable, or deluding (misleading) information and/or data provided by online store users, information from published news and/or other information resources, as well as damages caused by undesired electronic exchange (spam).

10.9.4. Damages arising out of a force majeure within the meaning of Art. 306 of the Commercial Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.

10.9.5. Any direct, indirect, specific, incidental or consequential damages related to the use of software programs installed on the user’s computer, including damages for the possible occurrence of which the User has not been notified.

10.9.6. Additional costs associated with the use of the software, including, but not limited to, data loss, data recovery costs and/or databases, software replacement costs, third party claims and alike.

10.9.7. Damages resulting from improper use or non-compliance with the prescriptions of the individual products offered by Subscription Box Ltd..


11.1. When using the Services, subject to these General Terms and Conditions, the User will have access to a variety of content and resources that are subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights of Subscription Box Ltd. or of third parties. The User will have access to the content for personal use in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and no right to use, record, store, reproduce, modify, adapt or publicly distribute intellectual property objects that have become available to them when using the services. Notwithstanding the above, the User shall not have the right to remove the trademark and another item subject to intellectual property rights from the materials available to them, regardless of whether Subscription Box Ltd. or a third party is the holder of the respective rights.


12.1. Subscription Box Ltd. shall not be responsible for the failure to provide the services under circumstances beyond its control – in cases of force majeure, accidental events, issues in the world wide web and for the provision of services outside the control of Subscription Box Ltd., issues due to the User’s equipment, as well as in case of unauthorized access or intervention of third parties in the functioning of the information system or the servers of Subscription Box Ltd..

12.2. By acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, the user declares that they are aware of the probability of possible interruptions and other difficulties in the Internet connection to the Website, which may arise regardless of the care taken by Subscription Box Ltd. The user declares that they will not claim any compensation from Subscription Box Ltd. for lost profits, suffered damages or inconveniences due to the above interruptions or difficulties of the Internet connection, including the capacity of this connection.


13.1. Except in the cases provided for in these General Terms and Conditions, the contract between the parties shall also be terminated by occurrence of any of the following circumstances:

13.1.1. termination of the business of Subscription Box Ltd. or ceasing to maintain the Website

13.1.2. by mutual consent of the parties for termination;

13.1.3. other cases provided by the law.


14.1. The Parties agree that in the event that any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions proves to be invalid, this will not lead to the invalidity of the contract, other provisions or any parts thereof. The invalid provision will be replaced by the imperative norms of the law or the established practice. Please send your complaints related to the orders to Subscription Box Ltd. by e-mail: or on the phone for users: +359899898595 The line is available within the period 9:30 AM – 5 PM GMT+2, from Monday to Friday.

14.2. In case of amendment to the current General Terms and Conditions, Subscription Box Ltd. shall notify all its users by publishing the modified General Terms and Conditions on the Website or by the e-mail provided by them. When the User does not agree with the changes in the General Terms and Conditions, they shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract without stating any reason for that and without paying compensation. Then the User must send a written notice to Subscription Box Ltd. within a month after receipt of the notice of amendment to the General Terms and Conditions. The User may not exercise this right in case the change in the General Terms and Conditions is due to an order or instruction of a competent government body. The amendment to the General Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon the User if they have not exercised their rights under this paragraph within a month after the notification of amendment of these General Terms and Conditions.

14.3. The provisions of the applicable law of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to any matters not resolved in this contract.

14.4. All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and good will. In the event that no agreement has been reached, all unresolved disputes arising out of or relating to the contract between the parties, including disputes arising out of or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, and disputes to fill in gaps in the contract or its adaptation to new circumstances will be resolved by the competent court under the current Bulgarian legislation in Sofia.

Supervisory Authorities in the Republic of Bulgaria:

(1) Commission for Personal Data Protection Address: 15, Ivan Evstatiev Geshov St., Sofia; tel.: (02) 940 20 46 fax: (02) 940 36 40 e-mail:, Website:

(2) Commission for Consumer Protection Address: 4A, Slaveykov Sq., floors 3, 4 and 6, 1000 Sofia, tel.: 02 / 980 25 24 fax: 02 / 988 42 18 hotline: 0700 111 22 Website:

These General Terms and Conditions were approved by the Managing Director of Subscription Box Ltd. on 07.07.2021 and entered into force on 08.07.2021.

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