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Then you are our absolute all-time favourite! 

Our clients help our community grow internationally, already in several countries. We have many friends, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, but we are also preparing to launch our pan-European business. We are quite confident that it will quickly grow to a fat global corporation enjoying our turboexpensive exotic cocktails while laying on the white and soft sandy beaches of Bora-Bora or another place everyone dreams to be, but let’s make it one step at a time, right? 

Jokes aside, we do hope that you will like our beer-related products! We have carefully picked them from all around the world with a single purpose – to assemble the coolest collection of high-quality items that a beer person (or his girlfriend, her boyfriend, wife, husband, cousin, sibling, parent, nephew etc.) would like. Some of them are really special – like the supercool branded t-shirts and hats or our favourite International Beer Caps Challenge, or the skillfully crafted beer steins, each of them with its unique color pattern, made of pure ox horn by our good friend Muneeb and his colleagues in India.  

Of course, we did some stupid mistakes over time – and probably we will do some more in the future – like that nice-looking and rather expensive beer pong game that turned out to be the worst sh*t made of cheap and eco-unfriendly polyethylene we have ever seen. By the way, that’s why are pretty confident we won’t offer beer pong at all any time soon…  

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter where you are, or how do you look like – as long as you like beer, you are our friend and you can be our client. Of course, if you aren’t located in some of the countries we can currently ship to, that would mean a bit more logistical complications. But be sure that we will find a way to send to you your favourite product! We will only ask you to cover the additional transportation cost that we will calculate for you together with our friends from international courier delivery companies.

Just get in touch with our great team – place an order on the website and choose your delivery address. If your country is not in our list, just send us an email at and tell us what do you want and where do you live. We will send you our best shipment price and if you like it we will organize the payment via credit or debit card. Once we get the money we will ship your order. You will be happy, you will be happy, so that would be a proof that really works! 

Ah, by the way, don’t forget to join our newsletter by sharing your email address with us! Of course we will apply some less or more popular marketing techniques on you trying to persuade you to buy more of our fabulous products. We will also send you some exciting news about new countries, new products, new events etc. But we promise you that 1) we will keep your data safe, 2) we won’t overmail you and 3) we will stop pushing you immediately if you just ask us to do it!  

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