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Orders and Shipping

We ship all orders on the same day when you place your order or the next working day latest. Delivery usually takes between 2-4 working days from the order date, depending on where you are. Of course, it could take a bit longer, depending on circumstances.

When you place your first order with us, you already have your account where you can check the status of your order, submit a question to our customer service team or else.

If we have already sent your order, it will arrive to the address you’ve submitted for delivery. However, if you want to change the address, please contact our team at and we will do our best to change it.

However, please have in mind that sometimes courier delivery companies aren’t that flexible than we are, so there might be some delays. 

When you log in to your account you will have access to your orders. Whenever we ship the order to you, the tracking number will appear there and you will be able to monitor the delivery progress.

No, dear, no way! We just use the credit card info to process the order and receive the payment. We are kind of obsessed about personal data protection and compliance, so rest assured that we won’t handle any additional information than the absolute minimum needed to process and manage your order!

Yeah, there are two inevitable things in life – death and taxes. So we have to apply the VAT depending on the country where you are. We do serious business and we have to be 100% compliant with whatever tax laws there are.

At this point we can ship directly to the following countries (in alphabet order):

  • Bulgaria (1-2 days)
  • Croatia (3-5 days)
  • Czech Republic (3-5 days)
  • Greece (2-5 days)
  • Hungary (2-4 days)
  • Romania (1-3 days)
  • Slovakia (3-4 days)
  • Slovenia (3-5 days)

However, if you want us to deliver to another country, we will figure out how to do it. Just contact our customer support team at and tell us where do you want us to ship your order to.

Yes, of course – we are not a marketplace! You will get everything in one package, unless you have ordered items that just don’t fit in our bags. In this case we will split the order, but if there are any additional courier charges related to this, we will cover the difference and won’t charge you anything on top!

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

We have a 20-days return policy, no questions asked under our Guarantee. You can have a look at it here>>.

Anyway, to make long story short, if for some reason you aren’t happy with what you have received from us, just give us a sign and we will help you organize the return within 20 days from dispatching your order.

Of course, we kindly ask you to stick to some simple rules about the condition of the product that you will send back to us, so that we can refund you – you can find them here>>.

We will also ask you kindly to cover the shipping when sending back the item. You know, we aren’t a super huge company so we cannot afford to cover the return cost.

Sh*t…! Our bad, apologies! You know, sometimes we also make mistakes…

Just let us know where did we do wrong and we will fix it. Please send us an email at We will kindly ask you to send back the wrong item – we will send a courier to your address to pick it up. We will also send you the right one as soon as possible. Of course, if there are any additional costs related to this, we will cover them all, so you won’t have to pay anything on top of what you’ve already paid.

So sorry to hear that! Just send us an email at together with a picture of the damaged item.

We will make sure to send you another one and we will pack it properly, so it arrives to you in a perfect shape.

Depending on where you are we will provide you with a local return address. This will make it easier for you to organize the return and it will save you a considerable amount of money, since we will kindly ask you to cover the shipment cost. That’s why we have organized local warehouses to handle your return – please check our return form and send your parcel to the warehouse that is most convenient (and cheap) for you.

Once the parcel arrives, our colleagues in the warehouse will check it for damages and if everything is OK, you will get your refund very quickly. Of course, you will have to provide us with your bank account number so we can be 100% sure we are sending back the money to the right person. 

Just email us at, share with us your order ID and our team will make sure you get the best customer support!

No worries, just email us at and we will help you to change it.

If we have already shipped your order, it will be somewhere on the way, so we won’t be able to change it. This means you can’t cancel your order or make changes to it. This includes adding or removing items, changing colors or sizes, changing delivery address, delivery option or email address on the order.

So if it has been sent to you, you will have to send it back when it arrives.If it wasn’t sent yet, we will cancel it for you so you can place another one.

However, whenever you change your mind, just give us a sign at and we will find a way to help you for sure.

Yes, we can help you organize this. Some of our items are so popular that sometimes they go quickly out of stock. We will order more from our suppliers, but since most of our items are either customized or hand made, sometimes there will be delays. So please contact us at and we will help you with this.

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