Double-Walled Beer Tankard Medieval Style

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  • Inspired by an 800+ years-old beer drinking song.
  • Great design from the Middle Ages resembling wood and wrought iron.
  • Double wall keeps beer cold for long.
  • Very light to make holding it while full a piece of cake.

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Let us tell you a medieval story of a very nice 800+ years-old beer drinking song.

There was a very brave anonymous minstrel some time around 1210. He took Laetabundus (“Full of Joy”) – a popular Nativity hymn to the Virgin Mary written by St Bernard of Clairvaux, and rewrote it in Norman French as a song in praise of beer, Or Hi Parra.

That was quite risky back in time, indeed… The Holy Church was only waiting for stuff like this to happen so they can gently lit the stake and burn you alive.

The song itself was certainly a clever parody, leaving the last line in each triplet in the original Latin. He ensured the new lines altered the interpretation of the remaining one. So that “Semper clara” no longer referred to the Virgin, “always bright”, but the beer pouring from the barrel, “always clear”. At the same time “Carne sumpta” no longer meant the Word “becoming flesh” but was turned into an instruction to hungry drinkers – “take the meat!”

Here's the result:

Let it now be taught
If a man is as he ought
The beer will sing:
Res miranda!
Wonderful thing!

Drink, if there’s beer in your jar –
It’s far to the sun from the stars*
Drink it well, drink it deep.
Out of the barrel flows the beer
Semper clara
Always clear

Drink your beer deep, drink it well
I’ll drink my own in parallel
But take great care
Don’t leave your beer near the fire-rail
Fit corrupta
For it will stale

… and so on…

Now imagine how tasty would be your beer if you drink it from a copy of the medieval double-walled tankard that keeps it cold for a long time. The tankard itself is made of resin and it is very light, so you won't have issues with holding it comfortably in your hand while singing aloud any part of Laetabundus! It resembles perfectly the wood-and-iron craftsmanship of the dark times.

Place your order in this very moment to grab a supercool (because it keeps your beer cool, hehe) medieval beer tankard!


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