Ace of Spades Card Beer Bottle Opener

4,19 incl VAT

  • Super practical gift for guys who love playing cards
  • Wins the battle vs. the cap just like Ace of Spades wins the game
  • Made of sturdy metal to last for long!
  • Laughable price
  • Enjoy responsibly!

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Do you like playing cards? If yes, you will also like our super practical metal bottle opener.

We could have made this bottle opener with another type of card, like Jack of Hearts for example. But we haven't. Because the Ace of Spades is what usually wins the game. And because what you want to do is winning each battle, especially the one against stubborn beer caps. Yes, we know – sometimes they just don't obey despite your efforts to remove them by using the Force or some other esoteric superpower coming from the movies or learned from Grand Master Yoda.  

With the strong Ace bottle opener no cap will be strong enough, guaranteed. It is made of sturdy metal and is heavy enough to trow it after a friend if he doesn't bring you beer. But beware – apart of hurting your feelings this could also hurt somebody, so do what you usually do to beer – enjoy responsibly!

Last but not least – you get it at a really laughable price!

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Black, Silver