Cylindrical Bottle Opener

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  • Best enjoyed with friends around
  • Doesn't twist the cap on opening
  • Great add-on to our International Beer Caps Challenge
  • Reveals nice facts about beer caps (check description)
  • Made to last!

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Drinking beer is best when you have your friends around. Sometimes you also need a handy bottle opener at hand – especially if you are not so good with using the fork. With such a range at BeerAddicted, why have a boring black,
white or metal opener in you drawer – when a nice cylinder with magnets that fits perfectly in your hand and doesn't twist the beer cap can lurk inside your pantry instead?

This way you can keep your caps intact so that they nicely fit the International Beer Caps Challenge board, making your beer experience even more enjoyable!

Our bestselling bottle opener is a proven innovation. Part a drink fixer, part a talking point. There's one thing for sure – your friends will envy you even if they don't verbalize it.

Here you are five funny facts about bottle openers and caps:

  1. Bottle caps originally had 24 ridges. They now have 21. If you’ve got time on your hands go ahead and count.
  2. The wall mounted bottle opener was invented in 1925. It was kind of a revelation because now bottles could be opened with only one hand! It also came with a caps catcher. So no mess! Since then few things have changed and even today you can grab your wall-mounted bottle opener with catcher from BeerAddicted! Check it out here!
  3. The world’s largest collection of bottle openers has 32,411 bottle openers – and counting!
  4. Beverage consumption rose dramatically in the early 1900s, due to hygienically capped bottles and nearly all beverage companies adopted Painter’s Crown Cork Crimp style bottle top.
  5. The biggest multi-task tool, including a bottle opener, has 87 attachments. Ours has 46, but they are most useful.

Grab your cylinder bottle opener with strong magnets that keep your beer cap from damage now – we still have some available at the warehouse, but they are sold quickly!