Beer Foam Maker (Foamanizer 1)

47,99 incl VAT

  • Brings out softer and richer, creamy foam from the beer can!
  • Applied science makes carbon dioxide burst into ultrafine particles
  • Better and mellow taste for the beer
  • Suitable for 330 ml and 500 ml cans
  • Simple use with a single touch of a button (batteries not included!)

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Do you want your beer with creamy bubbles and a smoother taste? Working under ultrasonic vibration with two AA batteries (not included), this handy beer foamer (gently called by our team The Foamanizer) can generate sticker, softer and richer creamy foam while pouring beer into your glasses. Provides you a better taste than if you drink the beer directly!

“But how the hell this happens actually”, you would probably ask.

Well, the answer is pretty simple – it's science, dude! Some 40 000 per second vibrations make the carbon dioxide in the beer burst into ultrafine particles, thus making the foam feel rather than a milkshake. It tastes more exquisite and mellow this way!

Lightweight and durable design makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities, such as parties, bathing, barbecues, picnics, camping, etc. You can enjoy the delicious taste of beer foam any time, anywhere!

Suitable for some of the beer cans (330 ml, 500 ml cans, etc). Only apply to beer can mouth diameter of 54-58 mm, and beer can body diameter of 66-68 mm.

A simple push of handy beer server trigger can help to generate micro bubbles in seconds. You can easily switch between foam and beer at the touch of a button. Dispense delicate smooth foamy fresh beer to enjoy with your friends and family!

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