Stainless Steel Beer Chiller Stick

19,19 incl VAT

  • Novelty item to keep your beer cold – without the ice!
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Seals tightly to the bottle mouth, drink directly with no leaks!
  • 2 sticks in a set with thermal cooling gel inside
  • Built-in bottle opener!

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Sure you could drop an ice cube in your pint of beer or wait until it cools off in the fridge. However, watered down beer is no one’s idea of a good time. Plus, who really wants to wait?

Enter beer chiller sticks.

A bit
of a novelty item, these little freezable devices make a great gift for beer lovers, or anyone who likes to keep beverages chilly – without ice cubes.

Store your beer chiller sticks in the freezer. Then drop them in your beer bottle or mug to cool the beverage down, or keep it at a pleasantly chilly temperature as you drink. They’re unlikely to
take a beer from room temperature to fresh-from-the-fridge, but they definitely work if you just want to take your drink down a few degrees.

The material these wonderful sticks are made of won't alter the taste of your beer. They seal tightly to the mouth of the bottle, allowing you to drink from them without leaking beer all over your face.

These cooling sticks use a thermal cooling gel that, when frozen, offers one of the most reliably effective ways for bringing down the temperature of your beer. Made specifically to fit bottles, simply insert the stick into your beer (or else) and press firmly to create an airtight seal that is both easy to drink from, and keeps your cold one extra cold. Last but not least, each stick has a built-in bottle opener!

Order your beer chiller sticks right now and get them delivered quickly to your address so you can enjoy your refreshingly cold beer!

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