Beer Leather Carrier (6 Bottles)
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Beer Leather Carrier (6 Bottles)

43,19 incl VAT

  • Inspired by black metal and bike fans
  • Carries 6 beers in a BDSM-like tool
  • Great for festivals, concerts, open-air parties
  • Made of 100% vegan leather
  • Now available for you as well

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We knew there are people who like things made of leather, for various purposes… What we didn’t know was that there is a vegan leather. Much like how leather is made from the skin of different kinds of animals, vegan leather is made from a variety of non-animal materials.

Well, one of our suppliers offered us a vegan leather beer carrier some time ago. So we asked some people if they would take some beer on it for a black metal party or bikers’ meeting. And they confirmed. 

So we designed this leather carrier that rather looks like a BDSM torture tool and they really liked it. They tested it and said it was convenient, easy to carry on festivals, concerts, open air meetings etc. It was also strong enough, with comfortable grip and good looking for them.

Well, finally you can have it too. It would add up to your creepy aura for sure. 


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